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Adding/Editing Reports

Adding and editing reports and report fields has been completely revamped for version 3.0.

The most requested feature of Baseball Statbook has been: Can you add a statistic to .... ? Over one-hundred requests have been made to add either a new stat or add in a new formula or modify an existing formula.

In version 2.0 and earlier you were somewhat limited in which fields you could display on the reports. You also had no way of creating formulas from existing stats to create new stats. In version 3.0 this has all changed.

Add/Edit Reports
Window for Adding or Editing a Report

This feature, however, comes with a price and the cost is that it will take some time to get familiar with the new report editing interface.

Reports ListHere's a rundown of the not-so-obvious features for the report attributes:

Now let's take a look at the field attributes:

There are four lists at the bottom of this window and are described as follows:

Some suggestions