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The Statbook trial will last 15 days. To see what's new in this version check out the release notes.

When upgrading a new version it is HIGHLY recommended to save backups of all Statbook-created files. In addition, be sure to read the "Issues" before submitting a bug report.

Also, be sure to check out What's New in Version 3.6. Documentation will be updated as needed (not yet updated for 3.6)


Statbook Downloads
Last Updated

Statbook for macOS Catalina
Mac OS X 10.14 and above. Currently in beta testing
March 22, 2020

Download DMG (12 MB)

Statbook for macOS X
Intel Processor * Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.14
Version: 3.5.5
April 23, 2015

Download DMG (5 MB)

Statbook for MacOS X (PowerPC)
PowerPC Processor * Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Version: 3.5.4
May 20, 2012

Download DMG (4 MB)
Statbook for Windows: Download if using Windows 95, 98, 00, NT, ME, XP. Pachyderm only supports 2000, NT and XP but should work on all platforms. Version: 3.5.4b
July 3, 2012

Download Setup.exe (3 MB)
  Sample 3.5 Baseball File This is an example file from a little league season. Also shows an example of how to orgainize Input variables with the use of "Sets". May 21, 2011
Download Zip
  More Reports: Statbook has lots of built-in reports but users often request additional reports. Once you download and extract the files select 'Import' from the 'Reports' menu and then select the report to import. July 3, 2008
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