Statbook: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer & Volleyball

All about Input Lists

Simply put, Input Lists are where the user enters or modifies the data.

Statbook has the following input lists:

There are two modes for input lists: Editing and Non-Editing. To get into editing mode simply double-click on one of the cells. To get out of edit mode, hit the enter or return key or select under the last row in the list.

Moving around: Once in editing mode you can then make changes to the fields. Use the Tab key to navigate to the next field (or cell). Hold down the Shift key and then select Tab to go to the previous field. You can also move around using the mouse by selecting different cells.

Statbook makes it very easy to add additional statistics that are not built-in to the input lists. To add a new statistic select the "Columns" button (Team Roster, Games lists) or by selecting on the header area of the list (Batting and Pitching statistics). This will bring up a new window where the statistics can be added by selecting the Add (+) button.

Dialog for changing Team Roster fields

In addition to adding statistics you can also edit the names, change the column alignment or column widths as well as re-order the statistics (by clicking a row and dragging it to the new position).

Column widths can also be adjusted by moving the mouse in the list header area between the fields (mouse will change to a split cursor) and then click and drag to the desired position.