Statbook: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer & Volleyball

Quick Start

The following is for Statbook 2.0. For Version 3.0 see the Documentation pages.

The first thing you will notice is that the documentation for Baseball Statbook is severely lacking. This section attempts to address all the features and answer the most frequently asked questions about Baseball Statbook.

Upon launching of Baseball Statbook, the first thing you will need to do is enter in Team and Roster Information.

Adding Players to the Roster

There are two ways to add a player: 1) Select on the “+” button, or 2) Choose “Add Player” from the Players menu. Once you do this, you are now in Edit Mode for the Team Roster list.

Edit Mode Navigation

Enter in the appropriate fields and then use the TAB key to go to the next field (or cell). Hold down the Shift key and then select TAB to go to the previous field. You can also use the Right and Left Arrow keys to accomplish the same thing (Provided this option is checked under Preferences)

The way to get out of Edit Mode is to select either the RETURN key or the ENTER key.

Adding Player Statistics

Statistics are added one game at a time and this is done from the “Game Stats Input” section (Choose “Go to Games” from the Games menu or select the “Game Stats Input” tab).

To add a game select the “+” button above the Games list or choose “Add Game” from the Games menu. Games can only be added if there are players already entered into the roster.

When you add a game you are prompted to enter in appropriate game information. Of particular note is the Results field. This field is used to calculate the Won-Loss record for your team that appears on the “Game Results” report (Statistics & Reports tab).

You can enter in anything you want here but note that to calculate a “win”, the letter “W” must be somewhere in this field. Similarly, if you want a loss to be calculated, enter an “L”. If you put in an asterisk (*) in the field, this game will not be counted for the W-L Record calculation (Pre-season game, for example)

Some examples are: “Won, 12-3”, “L: 3-2”, “* W, 1-0”

The Hard Part: Entering Statistics

Once the game has been added, you now get to enter in the player statistics for that game. First you need to get into Edit Mode. You do this by double-clicking on the statistic you want to edit. You remain in Edit Mode until you select the RETURN or ENTER key.

Navigating from field to field is the same as for the Team Roster list (TAB, Shift-TAB, Left or Right Arrow keys). You can also move from player to player with the Up or Down Arrow keys. This allows fast and easy entering of stats.

If a player batted or pitched in a game, be sure the PG (Played Game) field is selected for that player.

Please check the Statistics Abbreviations for information/explanations of other fields.

Batting, Pitching Orders

Setting the order for batting and pitching can be done in one of two ways. The easiest method is to select the row and then drag (mouse is held down) it to the appropriate position. The other method is to use the “Order” little arrows to move the player up or down one position at a time.

The Easy Part: Viewing Reports

Once all rosters, games statistics, results, batting and pitching orders have been set, it’s time to view all that hard work and share it with your friends, family, co-workers and team members.

You can do all this from the “Statistics & Reports” tab.

A few quick notes on Reports: