Statbook: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer & Volleyball

What's New in Version 3.4

About Statbook

Statbook is a sports tracking and publishing tool for Mac OS X and Windows. With Statbook, users can easily track statistics for any sport and includes built-in templates for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and with the release of Version 3.4, football and Volleyball.

After the initial setup, you are literally one button click away from building your HTML files to send via Email or publish on the Internet.

Statbook Minimum Requirements:

Upgrading files created in Version 3.0+

NOTE: With any new release it is always best to backup your file before opening in the new version.

There are numerous changes in this release and files created in Version 3.0 through 3.3 are completely compatible. However, if you are restoring/adding default reports, some fields in the default reports may not be compatible (may produce "no such column" errors).

In addition, when editing reports, all the "Favorites" fields have been updated to reflect the default report names and fields, so be sure you understand what the "Result" fields mean when updating reports.

For example, if you add a field to an "Overall" type report and you select "Last, First (w/ link)" file, the link will not be compatible with your 3.3 file. This can easily be remedied by either changing the link reference (i.e., change the "PlayerProfile" portion to "PlayerStats") or changing the name of the report that it is referencing (i.e., Rename the "Player Stats" report title to "Player Profile")

Another easy way to make 3.0+ files compatible with 3.4 is to add or update the default reports. (See the "Add Default Reports..." and "Restore Defaults Reports" menu items from the "Reports" menu)

What's New in this Release

MaxPreps Support

Sport Templates

Other New Features

Numerous changes and bugs fixes including: